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Colin Kitchener - Tilesque

The beautiful medieval properties throughout East Anglia, with their crooked tiled roofs, have always been a passionate interest of Colin’s and inspired him to create unique arts and crafts such as these up-cycled clay roof tiles.  They make unique wall art, with their hand painted designs &/or with the addition of hand forged key hooks with beeswax finish, candle sconces or clocks, producing a completely bespoke item. The clock numbers are hand forged horseshoe nail heads with beeswax finish.

Each piece is original with rugged texture/terracotta colours brought about during the firing process and exposure to the elements. Colin often leaves the finish of the tile in its natural weathered state or enhances them with brickwork designs influenced by medieval walls seen throughout the region. Alternatively, he creates designs to provoke imagination.  Some tiles still bear the original craftsman’s fingerprints usually hidden on the back. Colin sources the tiles from reclamation yards, searching for interesting pieces before gently cleaning and working on. They are likely to have been manufactured between 200-400 years ago.

Colin has always appreciated how robust and aesthetically pleasing these tiles are, especially when seen on medieval cottages beneath a beautiful Suffolk sunset.

Due to the original manufacturing process, the size and colouring of each tile will vary as will the artwork, as each piece is worked on individually and the finish of the tile may dictate what design will work best or what the most suitable function would be.  With every tile each you will own a little bit of history

Below are some examples of Colin's work.  Please look in the Shop to see just some of what is currently available.



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