Andrea Meakin started Hampshire Portrait Studio in 2011 to exhibit her animal portrait paintings that specialise in capturing the unique character, personality and expressions of animals people love.

Today, based out of a dedicated log cabin art studio ( "The Doodle Den" ) in beautiful North Hampshire, Andrea mainly paints wildlife from her own and professional photographs, and has accepted commissions of people's pets and favourite animals.

Andrea believes it is essential to capture the personality of the animals and pets she paints, since the difference between a good animal painting and one that makes you smile, becomes a treasured personal moment, is all in the detail of expressions and context. Whenever possible she visits and spends time with the animals she paints, getting to know them and using her skills and experience to identify and capture their unique character in her own photographs.  If Andrea is unable to meet the animal in person she can also paint from photos taken by the owner.

Andrea also paints people, landscapes and a few "specials" when asked, such as iconic F1 cars and commercial jets.

Below is a selection of some of Andrea's work.  You can see what is currently available in the Shop

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