Niall Hennessey - Printmaker

Niall is a local Sudbury printmaker, and his particular interest is the history and geography of the landscape in and around the town. His medium is screen printing and many of his prints include views of the footpaths and holloways on the edges of the town. He is fascinated by the ways in which these paths, many of them centuries old, have been worn and hollowed, and the more recent ones like the former Old Great Eastern Railway line are acquiring a history. He is fascinated by the shapes, formations and silhouettes of local trees, and by the ways in which trees and clouds are reflected in the River Stour, which has its own fascinating history of moorings, transport, defences and Quays…..

In Niall's prints he tries to use a cohesive range of greens, blues and browns to represent the skies, clouds, trees and undergrowth within the composition. He is also interested in some of the old buildings in Sudbury, which is full of centuries old streets and footpaths, some of them still being discovered by him after 35 years living here!  Also the weathered wood and brick and the colours and skylines of local houses…..
Niall usually prints on thick cartridge paper with water based inks, in a limited edition of 10, and his prints are usually A3 sized, window mounted in an A2 frame. 
A selection of Niall's work is shown below and some are available in the Shop.  Do take a look!
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