Gail Hatley - Kiln Formed Glass Artist

The natural energy of glass, and how it captures light and nature's forms, constantly inspires Gail to evolve the form and texture of her work.  Further inspiration comes from her garden as well as the Sudbury Water Meadows near to where she lives.  

Gail works with a specialist glass range called Bullseye glass, which is the most versatile glass for kiln forming techniques.  The glass comes in many forms, including sheet, crushed glass ( frits ) in differing grades, confetti glass and stringers.  There are many other materials and techniques involved when making differing pieces.

She works from her studio at the bottom of her garden in Sudbury, Suffolk creating glass panels, bowls, dishes, and hangings,  She often works to commission windows and other items.   Gail inspires others to make kiln formed glass through workshops and short courses.

Examples of her work are shown below and many are currently available in the Shop.  Take a browse!

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