Fayre Maiden ( Nicki Roffe ) - Magnetic Jewellery

Fayre Maiden magnetic jewellery is a unique range of magnetic hematite jewellery that perfectly encompasses both beauty and health.  Nicki's aim is to create stunning jewellery that is easy to wear and she also understands it to provide relief from migraines and arthritic conditions.

She uses magnetic clasps for ease and comfort, all of the jewellery is nickel and lead free.

Nicki Rolfe designs and makes the jewellery in her home studio near Wymondham, Norfolk.  She started by making up the jewellery and suggesting changes to other's designs.  She now designs all of the jewellery in the range.

Warning:  Not suitable for customers with a pacemaker, insulin pump or during pregnancy.

Some of Nicki's exhibits are shown below and many of these are available through our website shop.  You will find even more in the Gallery itself.

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