Selena Bragg Ceramics

Selena's work is very tactile and is made from unglazed ceramic decorated by different firing techniques.  Each piece is handmade, therefore totally unique and is burnished to produce a smooth and shiny surface before being fired.  She then uses different firing techniques to produce the unique colours and patterns.

Some work is put into a raku kiln, heated up and taken out whilst hot.  Horsehair or feathers are placed on the surface, which leaves behind a silhouette pattern eg on pebbles.  The stones are very tactile, with a lovely smooth finish.  The small pebbles are hollow and contain several balls of clay.  Each piece makes a different sound when it is lightly shaken.  The pieces are therefore very sensual, appealing to the senses of sight, touch and sound.

Another firing method is to place items into a pit layered with sawdust, then adding copper powder, salt, horse manure, seaweed, coffee grounds and other combustible materials. A large  bonfire is lit, leaving it to burn for several hours.  The flames are then smothered and left to solder for several more hours.  This produces random flashes of deep pinks, purples, grey and black.  These striking colours can be seen on Helen's "Arrow Head" forms.

Other pieces are wrapped in leaves, copper wire, seaweed and hay and string that has been soaked in salts.  They are then wrapped in tin foil pockets and fired again.  This method produces the lovely lasndscape patterns and beautiful blues, pinks and oranges.  These can be seen on my "Flame Forms".

After the second firing the pieces are cleaned and given a light of coating of wax.

Several examples of Selena's work are shown below and those that are currently available can be found in the website shop. 

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