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Victoria Reed

Victoria always had a love of art, which lead her to a career in teaching back in 2007.  She teaches Art and Design at a local High School alongside running workshops and making pottery from her home studio.

When on Maternity Leave, she acquired a second-hand potter’s wheel and quickly fell in  love with all things clay.  Victoria found that making pots was the perfect way to wind down after a busy day.  Soon enough, she took over the house with pots, clay and equipment.  She loves the slow process of making pottery and the many stages that turn a lump of clay into a finished piece.  Her work is mostly wheel thrown, using white earthenware clay, then hand decorated using bright colours and contemporary designs.

Victoria’s home garden studio was completed in 2020 and provides a beautiful, light and spacious workspace suitable for teaching small groups and producing all her own work.  Combining her passion for teaching and love of ceramics has created the perfect opportunity to inspire others.

Aptly named “Kiln Cottage”, built in 1905, it was once the site of a brick works and a large kiln, where bricks were fired in Layham.


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